Sit Down, Relax, & Just Chill

by amberpor

Time is precious. When you sit down and grab a cup of joe, letting the steam of coffee ground aroma dance around your nose, you can’t help but get lost in the moment. There’s a slight hiatus in whatever you’re doing and the tempo of life comes to a sluggish stop. You just sit along the window sill teasingly pressing your mug with a light blow and kiss the rims ever so lightly as to not be disturbed by the hot liquid. You are calm, you are peaceful, and you are lost in time. Time stands still for you as it gives you a moment to reflect; a second to contemplate. You escape reality, you escape society, you escape your worries. In the realms of your tranquil loneliness you daydream. Your mind is the brush that paints imagination and color with thoughts of what can happen and what will happen. And to think what seems like forever happens in minutes and what happens in minutes seems like forever. Time is whimsical~



Just A Thought- Amber

video (c) Freddie Joachim