To Cambodia and the Rest of the World

by amberpor

A dedication to the political unrest in Cambodia
Here is a place where dreams may die.
You want to know about atrocity?
How about I give you some philosophy
On how a place so tender be hidden and full of strife
Where all people cease before getting a taste of the good life.
Here are all of you worrying about Silva’s broken leg
Where there’s citizens who are on the streets to beg
For freedom, for justice, and for a democracy–
But you all only care for who gets the winning lottery.
And so what if it’s the first day of school?
People complaining and saying these schedules be hectic
Don’t even realize the comparison between a sleepy fool
Versus the reality of people whose liberty is rejected.
Let me tell you about a real struggle
Where the people struggle
For Peace, for Love, and for Change
But are constantly in danger, stuck in a gun range.
Point blank: dead. That’s what happens
When you look over a hidden pearl
Whose entity becomes misshapen
Unless ignorance of the world stops to unfurl.
Wanna make a difference? Please sign this petition or educate yourself on the problem going on. Knowledge is power:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be ruled under a tyrant?
Have you ever placed yourself in the shoes of someone living in a third world country who struggles with injustice and corruption of a sham of a democracy?
Have you ever been put in a position where you constantly seek a brighter future in the hopes to create change?
Right now, Cambodia is going through one of the most crucial and vital political upheavals to ever occur since the genocide committed by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.
From down to my roots to the multiple stories carried on from my mother and father’s stories of the atrocities that have bedridden the Khmer people, I implore you all to take a moment to sign this position and do your research on what is going on to be better informed of what is happening and why it is imperative and critical to sign this petition!
Here’s a basic synopsis of what is going on:
I would greatly appreciate it if you all sign this petition because I don’t want any of my family members and even the people of Cambodia in general to suffer at the hands of an ex warlord and current dictator